Lucile Lemons

Lucile hails from the medieval town of Auxerre in Burgundy. She has been teaching French immersion in Portland for the past year, as well as workshops here at the Alliance. Before joining our team, Lucile was a practicing podiatrist in the Parisian suburbs, and holds a Master’s degree in clinical research from the Sorbonne.

French for Travelers - INTERMEDIATE - Part 2 Friday 03/22 : A2/B1 PART 2 - 03/22

Fridays at 5:00-7:00pm
03/22/2019 to 03/22/2019
Instructor: Lucile Lemons

These intermediate workshops in French teach you simple and useful French expressions to use while traveling in a francophone country.

Workshop Part 2: For Levels A2/B1

Learn essential vocabulary and phrases, then practice with dialogues and listening exercises that will focus on these situations and more:

Arrival: At the airport; transferring to your ground destination. Taxis, trains, metro.

Getting Around: Taking public transportation.

Lodging: Checking in; hotel situations.

Dining: Menu reading, ordering, discussing food and drinks.

Shopping: Asking for help in a variety of stores; shopping etiquette; at the farmer’s market; flea market.

Emergency: Talking to a doctor or a pharmacist; buying items at the pharmacy.


Finding Your Way:  Asking for, understanding and (oui!) giving directions.

The workshops are standalone — you do not need to take Part 1 before Part 2.


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