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Julie Nelson

Julie received her Bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Oregon and her Master’s in French with a strong focus on second language acquisition and pedagogy from Portland State University. She previously studied FLE and French literature at the Université of Poitiers in France, then spent three years teaching English in Spain. Julie has extensive experience teaching French, Spanish, and ESOL in a variety of contexts to language learners of all ages.

Beginning 107 (SPRING TERM) : 107-A

Mondays at 6:15-8:30pm
03/30/2020 to 06/01/2020
Instructor: Julie Nelson

Required: 105 or equiv. Prepare for CECR A2 level.

This is the final unit of the Edito A1 textbook. Following Week 5, students will complete an in-depth grammar review while focusing on guided discussion and conversation.

Communication: Expressing (dis)-agreement, one’s interests; encouraging & reassuring.

Grammar: COD & COI pronouns ; review of tenses.

Phonetics: Silent & pronounced “e”; semi-consonants.

Call us to sign-up: 503-223-8388

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Intermediate 203 (SPRING TERM) : 203-A

Thursdays at 6:15-8:30pm
04/02/2020 to 06/04/2020
Instructor: Julie Nelson

Required: 202 or equiv. Prepare for CECR A2 level.

Communication: Describing/understanding health issues; giving advice; expressing an opinion, agreement, disapproval, dissatisfaction. 

Grammar: Subjunctive mood; pronoun « en »;  « ne…que »; adverbs with « ment ». 

Phonetics: /j/, pronunciation of six/dix.

Call us to sign-up: 503-223-8388

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