Benedicte McAlpine

Bénédicte is an experienced teacher from France and a specialist in second-language acquisition methods. She has a Master's Degree in communication from Paris, and is also interested in teaching French through arts.

Intermediate Saison 203 (SPRING TERM) : 203-A
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Tuesdays at 10-12:15pm
04/02/2019 to 06/04/2019
Instructor: Benedicte McAlpine

Required: 202 or equiv. Prepare for CECR A2 level.

Communication: Describing objects; expressing indifference, ignorance, reassurance; writing a for-sale ad; talking about one’s past; identifying stereotypes; conversing on the phone.

Grammar: Comparative & superlative adjectives; demonstrative & interrogative pronouns; subjunctive mood; gerunds; pluperfect; pronouns - en/y/où/dont; verbs – vivre/valoir/accueillir.

Phonetics: / y / /Ø / /oe /; / i / / e / / Ɛ /; / / ã // ɔ̃ /; / j /.

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Intermediate Saison 205 (SPRING TERM) : 205-A

Thursdays at 10-12:15pm
04/04/2019 to 06/06/2019
Instructor: Benedicte McAlpine

Required: 204 or equiv. Prepare for CECR A2/B1 level.

Communication: Structuring and adding nuance to proposals; written communication (email/letter); formulating a complaint or a protest; highlighting or placing emphasis, explaining cause and consequence.

Grammar: Using the hypothetical / conditional, adverbial expressions with “en –ant”; passive voice; double pronouns; the subjunctive; verbs - vaincre/conclure/résoudre.

Phonetics: /u/; /w/; oral and nasal vowels.

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